Thermopylae Retreat

Wellbeing retreats in Thermopylae, Greece


We invite you to join us on a unique journey, which will be steeped in history.  This unique experience is available to groups of maximum nine people for you to truly benefit and reset your mind.

Thermopylae in Greece is renowned for its wonderful hot sulphur springs. After all, this is where its name comes from. This is where the battle between King Leonidas and the Persian King Xerxes took place more than 2,000 years ago. Here, you can imagine how King Leonidas managed to defend such a narrow passage of land that blocked the Persian advance against all the odds. With just 300 Spartans, King Leonidas kept the Persian King's attempts to invade the Greek mainland at bay. Meanwhile, Greece had time to prepare its defences and stop the Persians from invading the mainland. So, this place is steeped in history and we feel it provides the perfect setting for this wellbeing retreat

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The cost of the holiday includes everything you need for the full experience.

You can travel at your own pace, decide your own number of nights, choose from our collection of hand-picked experiences. (trekking, cooking classes, Pilates, Yoga, Massage and many more). You can also choose where you fly from, the airline you fly with, and add pre-departure extras like airport hotels and lounges. We will arrange everything for you.

We will arrange a holiday according to your requirements and based on our knowledge and experience.