Loutraki Retreat

Wellbeing retreats in Loutraki, Greece

Loutraki RETREAT.

We create a tailor made holiday experience to make your visit to Loutraki exactly what you expected and more.

Loutraki is the birthplace of the Greek Thermalism and it’s characterized as the premier spa resort of Greece. It is located 81 kilometres (50 miles) west of Athens and 8 kilometres (5 miles) northeast of Corinth. The town is well known for its vast natural springs and its therapeutic spas. Going for a walk takes on a whole new meaning here. A wonderful pedestrian way follows the coast-here, you will find seafront cafes, restaurants and traditional shops selling syrupy sweets and ice cream, seaside benches and even an open-air concert.

In ancient times in place of Loutraki was the ancient Thermes or Thermae, famous for its thermal springs. Thermia Artemida was its protector. The first written reference to Loutraki water was in Hellenica of the Athenian historian Xenophon (431-351 BC). The area is also known by the name Perea (beyond Corinth) and he current name “Loutraki” comes from the hot springs – baths. Loutraki played an important role in the development of the Revolution of 1821, with most known the victorious battle of Dramalis (25-27 September 1822).



Theoxenia Hotel is a 3* hotel located in the center of Loutraki, just 50 meters from the thermal Spa of Loutraki. There is a small beach just in front of the hotel. It is family run by third generation hoteliers.

Accommodation Options

  • Rooms with the Gulf of Corinth view-from your balcony you can enjoy views of the Corinthian Gulf and Loutraki beach and from your bed you can see and hear the sea.
  • Rooms with the Gerania mountains view-from your balcony you have an uninterrupted of the Gerania Mountains and the city of Loutraki

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Here's what's included:

We provide a uniquely personal approach to creating and arranging your travel schedule, accommodation and activities.

The cost of the holiday includes everything you need for the full experience.

  • Accommodation for 7 Nights/8 Days
  • Your food experience with us will be put together by someone who knows every restaurant in Loutraki

You can choose from: Pilates, Yoga, Spa Visits, Hiking, Cycling, Running,Trekking

We have local, professional guides for all our Cycling, Hiking, Running and Trekking activities.