3 New Things To Try In 2020

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3 New Things To Try In 2020

With the beginning of the new year we all rethink our lives remember our mistakes and recognise our achievements. It is the time of the year that we set new goals and we welcome more than ever new experiences in our lives. Here are 3 new things to try in 2020.

Try a new fitness class

2020 is here! It’s a new year and a whole new decade. When a new year starts, we also have the need to (re)start. People often find themselves joining a gym, starting a different sport or beginning the year with a new hobby. Fitness sessions as yoga, stretching and Pilates are a fantastic way to start because they are low impact exercises which can be adapted to suit anyone’s capabilities – even for those with injuries.

Pilates is a method of physical activity that was developed by Joseph Pilates (after whom it was named). It has some common ground with other methods but in its own way it is unique. Pilates is a method that approaches the body and mind as a whole. Breathing is the most important element in Pilates and the most important thing for being alive. Everything starts from there and ends there. 

When you practice Pilates you will experience a variety of exercises that make you aware of yourself both mentally and physically. It is an excellent form of exercise for helping you to feel in the moment. It is also a great exercise for musculoskeletal pain. Your lower back and neck are the first parts of your body to weaken when you are stressed and these are the areas of the human body that Pilates mainly focuses on. If you are ready to start your Pilates journey we are here to guide you. Find Pilates classes in Ipswich.

Hone your skills

2020 is the year to hone your skills, whether that’s in something new or something that you already do. 2020 is not just a new year, it’s the beginning of a new decade and that gives us an extra motive to improve a skill that we already have. 

Asimina Kourouni, Pilates Instructor at Tailor Your Holiday explains: “I have been a Pilates Instructor for almost 17 years now; I have been trained in different countries with different styles and approaches and yet, when I transition from a teacher to a student, then is when I feel that I gain the most of it.”

Asimina is running a Pilates Masterclasses in Ipswich which is designed to help you learn new skills, whether you’re a beginner, an advanced student or a qualified instructor. The Pilates Masterclass is tailored to your needs and level of ability. You will learn about breathing techniques (depending on your needs), different positions, angles and variations of the traditional exercises for variety and rehabilitation.

Want to deepen your understanding of Pilates? Join our Pilates Masterclass in Ipswich on Saturday 14th March 2020. You can find out more information and details for how to book here.

Try a wellbeing retreat

Have you ever tried a wellbeing retreat? They’re great for meeting new people that share similar passions and the same approach to life and exercise. Going on a fitness or wellbeing retreat is a great way to gain confidence and try new activities. You can combine your favourite activities with visiting new places and experiences. 

Our next wellbeing retreat in Milos, Greece (3-10th October 2020) is exactly that – a whole new experience which combines travel with Pilates, yoga, stretching and mindfulness. You’ll meet like minded students and instructors.

Milos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and our favourite destination for our wellbeing retreats. Come along on your own, with a friend or your partner. 

Get to know the stunning beaches and beautiful nature on the island. We’ll practice in different locations all over the island during your stay so you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Our accommodation is a small family run boutique hotel, chosen for it’s true feeling of Greek hospitality. Nestled in a quiet corner of the island, the sea breeze and the heat from the sun will energise you and fill your heart with warmth and light. 

Visiting new places, meeting new people, tasting local food and exercising in a new environment is what makes our retreat the best way to reward yourself. Before you return home to everyday life, we sail around the island to celebrate your experience on the island and the fact that life is a journey – the most important one. Reserve your space on our Milos retreat here or by emailing us.

From all of us here at Tailor Your Holiday, we wish you all a year full of creativity, happiness and warmth in your hearts. Be the light that you are looking for.