Cycling Retreats Loutraki

by Tailor Your Holiday Team Greece

Cycling Retreats Loutraki

Hotel Theoxenia

Hotel Theoxenia is situated on the seafront of the Corinthian Gulf at the village of Loutraki. The Loutraki city in Peloppnnese is located northwest of Athens on the Gulf of Corinth coast and it is situated at the foot of a 1300m high Geraneia mountain. The city is just 80 Km away from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and offers you an extraordinary variety of landscapes, ranging from the sea to the hills. According to athlete’s feedback Loutraki is ‘a hidden paradise for cyclists’, a place that is still undiscovered by the majority. The roads are quiet, the landscape is exceptional, the combination of the sea and the big mountains is beautiful. Due to its mild climate during the winter months, this place is perfect to prepare yourself for the cycling season. This is the reason that the last five years Loutraki City accommodates Greek & Belgian cycling teams in order to do their training and preparation of the year.Another advantage of Loutraki is its long history in Spa and Thermalism. The water derived from the Loutraki natural thermal springs was characterized as “The Water of Life” since antiquity. The geothermal springs derive from many faults of the coastal area in a 750 -m-wide zone. The natural spring hot waters, at the bottom of Mount Geraneia, are discharged from a great mineral depth. Nowadays, cycling teams enjoy balneology, spa treatments and wellness sessions in a luxurious environment in the modern Loutraki Thermal Spa.

Loutraki Thermal Spa

Loutraki is the birthplace of the Greek Thermalism and it’s characterized as the premier spa resort of Greece. It has been working as a structured organized thermalism since 1914 while the Greek state was still in the preparatory work of Greek tourism. The modern history of Loutraki begins in 1847, when the first analysis of mineral waters was made by Professor Giovanni Battista Delvinioti. In 1855 the first wooden building bath was built with 10 baths, while in 1874 it was replaced by a stone building. In 1855, the first municipal company operating spas was created in Loutraki, which offered efficient services to the Department of Health Tourism. In 1899 a new modern one for those times was built with 22 baths, on the location where now the modern new spa is, which was ultimately demolished in 1967. In 1934 the exquisite classical architectural building of luxury bath was built which was renovated in 2009 and was connected harmoniously with modern facilities of the new building which is now called LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA. The Hydrotherapy Centre «LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA» is located in the historic and cosmopolitan spa town of Loutraki, within the territory of the old spa town, at 24 G. Lekka street, opposite the coastal city park. The city of Loutraki and «LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA» are just 5 km from the Corinthian Canal of the Isthmus, just 80 km (50 – 55’) away from the capital of Greece Athens within easy access from the airport, just one hour’s drive. Access to Loutraki is also easy from the city of Patras, which is the gateway of southern Greece. From Loutraki there is a very easy access to the most important archaeological sites of Western Greece and it’s a unique place for organizing daily excursions.

Our cycling retreats

Our cycling retreats are fully supported rides often accompanied by 1-1 expert analysis. Bike transfers from your place to the destination. On the road nutrition and all meals included. Pilates, evening massage and group social time set against the backdrop of our locations.  On the mental side, during the retreats there is the option to participate in mental preparation sessions with Dr Manos Georgiadis, our Sport Psychology expert. In every sport obtaining the right frame of mind brings optimal performance. Cycling is not an exception. Mental skills in such a demanding context relate to attending the right environmental cues, having the needed self-belief and motivation and being able to self-regulate in adverse conditions. These sessions will help you improve the mental side of performance through up-to-date evidence and applications world-level cyclists are using in daily practice.  We believe that the introduction of Pilates could help the cyclist to train smarter at both an elite level and for someone who is using their bike to get to work or for health benefits. Pilates targets the core muscles that help stabilise the rider on the bike, keeping the spine in a stable position whilst the limbs move. So, by improving their core strength, cyclists can increase their power output. An increase in core strength also improves balance and therefore bike handling – always an advantage in both performance and safety cyclists at all levels. Pilates also encourages improved limb alignment when moving. Making the movement more stable improves the movement pattern in the leg, stopping the knees and feet from turning or twisting during the pedal stroke. This delivers significant benefits in both force production and efficiency and – equally important – also helps protect against potential knee or ankle injuries.Another advantage of using Pilates for resistance training is that it will improve muscle strength without increasing bulk, allowing cyclists to improve their power to weight ratio.Pilates is known for its ability to improve flexibility and posture, so it’s a great way to redress some of the postural and muscular tightness and imbalances that cycling inevitably brings.