Supporting our Local Communities

by Tailor Your Holiday Team Partners

Supporting our Local Communities

At Tailor Your Holiday, connecting with the communities where our activities take place is an ingredient essential to a blissful well-being experience for you and a sustainable business strategy for us.  That’s why we’re proud to have chosen only small and medium-sized, family-run businesses who employ local experienced staff as our partners, so that we can deliver to you a truly authentic local experience during your bespoke holidays.

What we leave behind in the communities where our activities take place matters to us, this is why we are dedicated in building long-lasting relationships with our partners based on the respect of the cultural diversities between different civilisations, the protection of the surrounding ecosystems and the need to preserve local traditions, trades and professional activities.

Together with our local stakeholders we design our initiatives with a four-way focus on:

  1. Empowering local communities as a whole by providing tangible social and economic benefits.
  2. Conserving local resources.
  3. Generating the smallest carbon footprint possible and
  4. Making your experience worth sustaining!  

The Tailor Your Holiday vision of true sustainability is authentic and comprehensive, and we view everything through the lens of our guests’ experiences. This unique approach enables us to lead by example and fulfil our mission of providing travel done differently.

Keen to discover our sustainable philosophy? We invite you to peruse our comprehensive collection of  wellbeing workshops , coaching workshops and retreats  or consider a bespoke holiday plan – the choice is yours…Once in your destination, you will discover the pleasure that comes from being an agent of change for your inner-self while sustaining the local economy of your choice. And this is one very good reason to come back again!

If you would like to contact us to begin tailoring a unique experience, you can do so via our contact form.

By Stefania Dritsa, Freelance Sustainability and Social Branding Program Manager