Wedding Breakfast ideas

by Tailor Your Holiday Team Wedding

Wedding Breakfast ideas

Weddings are as individual but one thing they all have in common is food.  Adding a theme to your wedding is what really makes it special for you, and having the food and catering match your vision will make your day extraordinary.

A wedding breakfast is a dinner given to the newleds, and guests at the wedding reception. Nowadays the wedding breakfast is not normally a morning meal, nor does it look like a typical breakfast, so its name can be confusing. It is referred to as 'breakfast' as the couple are starting a new day together from the moment of their marriage, whatever time of day that happens to be. The wedding feast is their first meal as newlyweds. 

Wedding Breakfast ideas

Once you have a clear theme in mind, share this with your caterer so they can reflect the food to your tastes.

Formal silver service- Good for marquee receptions or venues where the table are are tightly packed and a buffet arrangement would be too chaotic. Bad for socialising with people at other tables.

Seated buffet-a little more relaxed but still with a structured seating plan; good for offering guests a wider selection of dishes.

Informal buffet- good for partieswhere a lot of people know each other.

Canape bars- have a canape chef standing behind a bar with a selection of tempting ingredients preparing canapes.

Summer garden tea party- best suited to a small afternoon wedding.

Barbecues-good for summer weddings or country fete-style themes but bad for unexpected bad weather.

Mediteranean candlelit dinner-this would suit an informal small wedding party in a family’s own back garden.

Bring your own buffet-everyone brings an individual dish and places it on a shared buffet table. 

Scandinavian midsummer- midsummer takes place in early summer and is celebrated with large plates of crayfish served with different sauces and lots of drinks.

Themed food stalls-sushi bars, cheese table, sea food bars, dessert bars